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35 Deliciously Creative Ice cream websites for inspiration

by Dustin Betonio on April 2, 2012

Deliciously Creative Ice cream websites for inspiration

Ice cream by far, is one of the most popular dessert in the world. The term varies from one country to another, some call it gelato, frozen custard, sorbet, frozen yogurt. Regardless of whatever it is called many people still scream for ice cream. While ice cream is often purchased spontaneous by customers having a great online pretense can be important when customers look for information about e.g. ingredients or inspiration for what ice cream to pick up next.

This time for inspiration and design ideas, I had a journey through the websites of some of the finest providers of this dairy product from heaven and here are some of the best, creative and delicious I have found.

This post is quite similar to one I wrote about chocolate website designs about a year ago. Ice cream is like chocolate – many people love it, but seriously we should not have too much. Therefore some of the vendors tend to focus on showing cows, fruit and nature to give a more healthy presentation. Others have close-ups of the ice showing us all how delicious it is, while some show product packages to help us remember them when we see them in the stores. Many of the sites in this category are either very aggressive with a lot of colors and dynamic flash or very traditional and classic.  Take a look for yourself

1. Antonio Federici


2. Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robins

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60 Very Well-Designed Websites with Huge Typography

We see more and more huge typographical designs over the net and especially it became more trendy in web design in the last few years.
If it is used in the right way,it grabs more attention and so many designers prefer big typography in their porfolio sites or blogs nowadays.
In 2010 we showcased a great collection of huge typograpy websites and today we again present you really well-designed websites with huge typography.


big typography websites


big typography websites

Orange Cinema Series

big typography websites

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Folded Roof House in Sweden by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Folded Roof House in Sweden by Claesson Koivisto Rune

The Folded Roof House by Claesson Koivisto Rune is located in Muskö, on the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden.The roofline resembles a butterfly roof, and the vertical wood exterior reinforces the large vertical windows on all sides of the home. I like how the interior is very stark white but the pops of green from the foliage and the rug are the main focus.

Folded Roof House in Sweden by Claesson Koivisto Rune

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22 Beautiful Example of Brochure Designs

Here  is a showcase of  22 Beautiful Brochure Designs for another list of inspiration.In this post you will see some example of a good brochure designs.

You might also want to check this Revisable & Ready Print Brochure Template Design article and purchase your best pick for your project presentation


Source: k.james


Source : designsitesup

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36 Best WordPress Tutorials of February 2012

Why wordpress is one of the most popular CMS and blogging platform around? I think it because wordpress is free, customizable and have a great support by community or other developers. And as wordpress users, we should keep updated with the new development, tips and tricks shared by other developers. So every month we tried to collect the best of wordpress articles around the world.

Best WordPress Tutorials

In this article we are going to share very useful wordpress tutorials for February 2012. We hope this post will help you in solving problems on your wordpress site and as a source of inspiration to develop your wordpress site.

WordPress Tutorials

Bringing the Membership Process to the Front of Your Site

Best wordpress tutorials

by Gavin Jaynes
In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a custom registration form on the front of your site as well as a custom profile form. Users will also receive custom emails with each step of the registration process. Please note, this tutorial won’t be covering membership payments.

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Big Design in Small Spaces


It’s easy to get caught up in the big picture sometimes – what your whole site looks like or the message it conveys. Just as important though, are the small spaces. The look of your banner, sidebars and even the dreaded-in-some-circles above the scroll presentation can bring people into or turn people away from your site.

Effective design in restricted, and even constricted spaces can be the key to adding just the right flair to your site. Simple design tools such as cropping, color, text display and contrast can make all the difference when planning the design for the boxed-in spaces of your next project.



A tight crop can give a small image the feeling of being much larger than it is. In small spaces, it is best to stay away from wide angle images where faces are unidentifiable. People like to see other people in photos, so crop your images so that faces are clearly visible and identifiable.

Keep the same idea in mind when using images of objects. Can you tell what you are looking at from a distance? Take a few steps back from the monitor or zoom out. Does the image still make sense? If not, it might be time to reconsider the crop or pick out a new image.

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Photoshop CS6: 10 things you need to know

Photoshop CS6: 10 things you need to know

Photoshop CS6 is finally available as a public beta – and it’s packed with dozens of new features to enable you to do more than ever before. We’ve picked out 10 of the best for designers

Photoshop CS6 has been released as a public beta today to give designers a chance to integrate the new version into their creative workflows – and so Adobe can gauge user reaction to the changes, new features and enhancements that have been included in the upgrade.

Photoshop CS6 beta will be available as a free download from Adobe Labs until the program gets an official release sometime in the first half of 2012. Pricing has yet to be confirmed.

Commenting on the launch of Photoshop CS6 beta, Winston Hendrickson – vice president of products at Adobe’s Creative Media Solutions division said in a press release: “Photoshop CS6 will be a milestone release that pushes the boundaries of imaging innovation with incredible speed and performance.”

And to find out whether that’s true, just take a look at our round-up of the 10 biggest changes, features and enhancements:

1. Text style sheets

With Photoshop CS6 designers can now define text styles, both on a paragraph and character basis, in much the same way as in InDesign. Each style can store font, size, leading, justification, hyphenation and other information about the text structure.

Changing a style definition will change every instance of the style used in the current document, and a button on the Style panel allows styles to be change to match the current instance.

2. Better Lighting Effects


Photoshop CS6 lighting effects


The Lighting Effects filter has had a major overhaul and now shows a full-screen preview of the effect – which means using an Alpha Channel as a bump map is now more predictable than ever.

As well as being able to move the lights, focus, size and arrangement directly on the artwork, you can now adjust the intensity as well using the rotary dial in the centre of the light.

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