36 Heartwarming Moments in Sunset Photography

By Jake Rocheleau

As the sun sets on another day we all begin to feel a sense of peace and tranquility. I can attest to this, especially coming from a small town which drops silent by nightfall. But it’s not just the calming sun energy, as even photography can express the emotion at this wonderful time of day.

I have collected a set of 36 beautiful moments in sunset photography which stand out from the rest. These are some of the most prominent shots which feature beautiful light displays in the sky and throughout the cityscape. We can all appreciate the allure of our sun considering it affects our global population as a whole. If you would like to share similar photographs or express your thoughts please do so in our comments discussion area.

Knowl Hill Sunset

Small Town Trees

Sunset over Iowa Town

Quiet Town of Boyerton

Fallen Landscape

Sunset over Japanese Prefecture

Boyceville, Wisconsin

Crisfield’s Small Boat Harbor

Eagles Point Sundown

Mrs. Waterson’s Bay

Stony Creek Sunset

Beach off Melbourne

Oakland, California

San Francisco Sunset

River in Eastern Germany

Taiwan After the Rain

Mountain Pass

Sun Down in the City

Sunset Behind the Mountain Range

All Natural Sunset

Oakland City Downtown

The Oakland Ports

Day Sets over San Francisco, California

Blue Hill Peninsula

Marshland in Machias, Maine

Machias Riverbed

Abandoned Train Depot

Busy Suburban Sunset

Canadian Snowfall

Golden Gate Bridge

Oakland Hills at Sunset

Farmland Corn Field

Old Country Road

Latern Pond Hill

The Farm at Sunset

Maryland Countryside




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